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  Universal Challenge



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Our Universal Challenge designs encourage all participants, regardless of their ability, to challenge themselves whilst undertaking a wide range of exciting adventure activities.

A new development offers a fantastic opportunity to re-evaluate traditional ‘design norms’ and create facilities which are truly Universal, enabling participation regardless of ability.

For organisations who work exclusively with disabled participants, or those whose existing facilities are access limited, our collaborative approach enables us to offer bespoke solutions to your particular needs.

Low Level

High Level

Climb & Abseil

Universal Challenge - High Level Universal Challenge - Climb & Abseil Universal Challenge - Low Level Home

-  diverse range of challenges

-  circuit or stand alone

-  OK for electric wheelchairs

-  locate in single ‘minimal’ area

-  dispersed throughout grounds

-  range of rope based elements

-  suit widest range of abilities

-  bespoke features aid usage

-  on trees, poles or both

-  circuit or linear designs

-  any length to suit site/budget

-  classic team challenges

-  designed in ‘ease of use’

-  suitable for all participants

-  range of access options

-  multiple slope angles

-  rest features & custom holds

-  range of belay systems

-  graded abseil starts

-  variable strength systems

-  graded difficulty routes

-  bespoke wheel chair anchors

-  combine with Ropes Courses

-  widest range of participants

-  multiple access options

-  range of belay systems

-  variable strength systems

-  adjustable difficulty challenges

-  graded difficulty challenges

-  Developmental

-  Recreational

-  Combined

-  Individual

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“The quality and professionalism was evident from start to finish. I would have no hesitation in recommending Motiva as an exceptional partner to work with.

Clifton College.