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High Ropes Course meets exacting standards of Royal Navy

Captain Steve Murdoch cutting ribbon at HMS Raleigh Ropes Course opening ceremony

The High Ropes Course at HMS Raleigh was built as part of the revamp of the ten-week initial training course for new recruits passing through Raleigh’s gates – the aim being to simulate ‘controlled stress’. At 13 metres it provides recruits with a huge range of Team Challenges (belayed from ground) as well as challenging High Level Traverse elements (continuous steel track belay).

HMS Bulwark, Flagship of the Royal Navy

Beyond the 1,200 HMS Raleigh trainees using the facility, the Ropes Course is also available to Devonport based ships, such as HMS Bulwark (RN Flagship).

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"The high ropes course is a valuable addition to the first-class training facilities we have here at Raleigh … It allows us to develop and test the physical and mental robustness of recruits, while exposing them to controlled stress. As I found, the high ropes is not rank conscious. It is a challenging test irrespective of your age and rank."

Captain Steve Murdoch, Commanding Officer of HMS Raleigh.

“HMS Raleigh’s high ropes facility is an invaluable training asset. The ability for a team to work closely and effectively in a demanding and dynamic environment is key to the delivery of operational capability. The professional development of our sailors cannot be over-emphasised enough and the high ropes allows us the opportunity to develop the individual’s self belief whilst maintaining a focus on the team effort.”

Captain Alex Burton, Commanding Officer of HMS Bulwark.