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‘Everyone knows how great climbing and abseiling is … but we don’t all have access to local crags.’

MAC’s Low Traverse Walls make best use of space, are great value and are perfect for delivering the Outdoor Learning Cards scheme.

Our Adventure Towers are designed to meet the particular needs of clients and their participants, packed with great features they can even be combined with any of our High Ropes Course designs.

Low Traverse Walls

Combined Towers

Adventure Towers

Low Traverse Walls Adventure Towers Combined Towers

-  design tailored to any site

-  any length, shape or style

-  top quality climbing holds

-  colour coded routes

-  no safety surface required

-  hassle free installation process

-  w/e or holiday install option

-  3 structural options include:

-  rugged FSC quality timber

-  double sided climb option

-  movable climbing pegs option

-  can be linked to existing play    facilities (click here)

-  suit outdoors or indoor

-  can fix on any sound wall

-  efficient use of space

-  great value for money

-  made to fit any type of trailer

-  easy to set up & take down

-  simple to transport

-  compact & light to store

-  custom made handling trolley

-  choice of panel colours

-  use indoor or outdoor

-  set up on any level surface

-  great for outreach work &    pre residential sessions

-  1 - 4 sides

-  up to 13 metres high

-  up to 4.8 metres wide

-  choice of slab angles

-  split sides to form corners

-  overhangs and ledges

-  custom T&G timber planks

-  FSC treated timber

-  choice of roof styles/materials

-  enclosed top deck with gates

-  unbelayed staircase access

-  Up to 4 climbing stances/side

-  3 colour coded routes/stance

-  interchangeable holds

-  tested belay beams

-  tested steel ground anchors

-  bottom/top belay system

-  auto belay systems

-  internal floodlit climbs

-  range of security measures

-  top deck SRT access hatches

-  steel linear beam support

-  steel frame support

-  wire rope support

-  great value single structure

-  multiple climbs and abseils

-  any developmental challenge

-  minimal operational footprint

-  tree or pole based courses

-  safest access

-  multi-level access

-  increased client throughput

-  lower staffing levels

-  Saferoller on poles or trees

-  Steel track on poles

-  can function as store

-  Zip wires

-  Giant swings

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“We are very pleased with the custom built mobile boulder wall. Matthew listened to our needs and developed a really practical, fun solution. We will definitely use him again.”

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